Wednesday, January 23, 2013

chicken mocha

hey gs

bleh today is the worst day. i dont feel the best and i have to be here for 5 hours and i dont have money for lunch and i didnt bring a lunch and i had too much coffee and im still tired and its so cold and i want everyone at this school to die

wait gob why would you be upset that you could only have one steak if you hated the steak??????????????????? wow the cafeteria at my school is disgusting. idec that i dont have money for lunch because it would probably make me puke if i ate it. like last time i thought i was just having some innocent tortellini salad and french fries but the french fries were soggy which was the grossest thing ever and the tortellini had suspicious looking things in it idek. i wish it was dinner time because tonight we're having good tortellini and i really want it bleh

para that sounds similar to my roommate at iowa like she used to judge me a lot i think like i had some pages from a winnie the pooh coloring book on my bulletin board, for example, one that i colored and one  that my friend colored and i think she was laughing at them w/ her bf one time and also she would be like "did you stay in the room all day" sometimes. well i was judging her for things too like having pics of herself all over the place and being stupid and caring about other things more than she cared about tv shows wtf is up w/ that. and yeah it sounds reasonable of you to have stayed in your room that day. espec. if you had homework. haha those pics. you should try to draw a pic of one of your ships like that. it would be easy cuz you wouldnt have to draw a face maybe. well perchance you'd have to draw one face but you said you've been working on that so maybe it will be not a problem

well i am just saying stuff because i have a lot of hours to kill. this is gonna be a post that takes 5 hours to write. jj. i have to go to class for 2 hours. but who knows if i'll make it i feel like i want to die. well you know what else makes me want to die is the newest version of itunes which i got against my will cuz when the desktop was set up i had to download itunes and that was the one that was available and when/if my laptop gets fixed thats probably the version i'll have to have. like ok every time a new version comes out, i see people complaining about how bad it is so i don't care to download it but it always ends up being pretty similar to the old one actually. but this one ugh i hate it like the sidebar is gone and it makes it so hard to search for songs/artists and to see your playlists you have to go to a dif tab and you can't just drag songs on to there. there's one good thing about it which is you can right click on songs and say "play next" or "add to play next playlist" or w/e and so then if you think of a bunch of songs oyu want to listen to in the next few mins, you dont have to make a quickie playlist called "00000000000000" you can just do that thing. but im not even sure if that was a thing in the last version so maybe this version is completely worthless anyway

wow the paragraphs keep getting longer and longer

whoops i just ruined it

wow namfon just sent me the most boring message and she didnt even answer my question. why would she do a thing like that

you know who i hate it's noah because he ate 3 boxes of cereal in like idk 4 days and for one thing thats my cereal and for another thing idk why he was to constantly eat cereal and for another thing he uses up all the milk and for another thing he leaves the bowls in his room for a week and for another thing he's a big fat pig. also i hate him cuz at dinner he keeps changing the conversation to talk about things that i dont give a fuck about. he changes it to either

1. tell everyone things that people at his school said to him that he considers to be stupid and then tells everyone his response to what the person says that he considers to be clever but in reality is usually equal to or greater than the stupidity of the thing the person said. who really gives a fuck what every single person he talked to at school said to him because i certainly don't

2. something having to do with science or math. bleh. and when doing so he usually can't think of the right words to use when he's trying to sound smart so he fills them in this either a word that doesn't mean what he thinks it means or he sort of trails off what a dummy

3. talks about how much he wants a secret passage in our house wtf shut him up
also every time i try to talk to him, pretty much, he says angrirly "kara would you just okay" and i don't know what that means?????????? how do you just okay idgi

ok idk what else to put in this post not that it needs anything else ok here it is

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