Wednesday, July 10, 2013

captured by goat!

Hey gs!

Well g well I think I was pretty clear but that's pretty much why they haven't made a Deadpool movie yet because it would have to be rated R and they're not sure whether that would be good for their company or make enough money or something idk. Well there are already some baldies in the show though so idk. Also one guy had hair and then he became a baldie wow.

Tyt about my fanmix.

Tyt about my fanmix cover. But you are wrong those people are super small!!!

I have that darn song from the puppy chow show stuck in my head!!!!

Hawkeye is sneaking up on Skater that seems like a bad idea for her.

Wow ok TASM 2 promo pics. Wow he always has that red beanie or whatever hanging out of his pocket it seems like. Is he going to have that with him the whole darn movie??? Haha maybe one time someone was like what's that hanging out of your pocket and it was his mask or something so he was like uh it's a hat but then he had to keep a red hat in his pocket for the rest of his life just to make it seem normal and be like yeah I just always carry this red hat in my pocket.

Also that pic of his room hiS ROOM IS SO MESS YWHAT A MESSY NAUGHTY BOY

OKAY ALSO Andrew Garfield said that he wants Peter to be bisexual in the TASM movies!!!!! Obviously that probably won't actually happen but YES PLEASE CAN THAT JUST HAPPEN PLEASE I love Andrew he has very good ideas haha I'm laughing though because it seems like he is obsessed with this idea. Me too Andrew me too.

Also he wants Michael B. Jordan to play MJ and yes okay that is the same guy that might play Johnny!!! Can he play both of them???? And then my best ship will p much be canon or at least I will be able to see the actors of them kissing each other!!!

Tbh the only problem I would have with this is that making MJ a man would erase a female character from the films and there are already not enough female characters in the TASM films... But I have a solution for them called have MBJ play Johnny and put him in TASM and have Peter/Johnny and then also have MJ played by Shailene be in the films but she and Pete aren't together she is just his really good friend who does badass things and stuff. Okay obviously that could never happen but that is the ideal solution.

But wow there are a lot of homophobic and racist people talking about how this would ruin the films. I mean its already been established that Electro being black will ruin the films so I guess making MJ a black man and making Peter bisexual will just ruin all those poor fanboys lives forever!!!! Poor little guys!!!

Okay but tbh I wish Andrew had never said this because now I am obsessed with this idea and it's probably never going to happen bum bum bum now my life is ruined. Jk it was a valid point that he brought up so that was good on him.


Okay better post this fanmix

Fanmix 8 - a fanmix of songs all by the same artist

This is a???? Spider-Man fanmix with songs by Hank Green?????

001. What Would Captain Picard Do? 

Peter: Haven’t you heard, bunkie? “Star Trek” lives!

It's arrogant to think you'll never make a mistake
But when you're in that position
You only have to ask yourself one question"
Oh, what would Captain Picard do?

002. Nerdfighterlike

Gwen: Or are you gonna come have some fun with me?
Peter: Reading’s fun.

Oh even though tonight I've got
A date with my bookshelf
I'd much rather touch and hug you
And nothing else

003. A Song about an Anglerfish

Peter: Imagine, I actually thought something might go right for a change. Silly me.

Yes it's true that I once went through life
As the guy who always had to rhyme life with strife
Yes I've been burned and I've been spurned

004. This Isn’t Hogwarts

Flash: Well, well! Listen to Peter Parker, the demon scientist! You sure talk big and brave when the teacher’s around, eh, Puny Parker?
Peter: Look out, you dumb clown! My glasses!

And they don't put you in Hufflepuff if you're not cool
Instead they sort you in the parking lot after school

005. Strange Charm 

Peter: YEAH!!! All right! Another victory for physics and geometry!

These tiny bits of matter are a part of almost everything
And there is no unified theory to make it less confusing.
But the fact that we've identified that they exist at all
Is so god damn remarkable that I just sit in awe.

006. Nerdfighter Song

Peter: If you’re out hunting nerds for sport I’d like you to know that I am personally offended.

So the fact that I am nerdy is obviously true
If you wanna get to my heart you gotta be nerdy too

Oh nice I still have some time!!!

Bleh apparently I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out on the day that The Wolverine comes out!!! PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This wasn't in the the sand scripts.

Here's some pics!

This is a pic of Nova I drew for Noah

This is a comic about Hawkeye

Welp that's all the time I have have a nice day!!!

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