Thursday, July 11, 2013

out of chicken, out of sight

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

whens gob coming back to the gob blog

well g everything with baldies should be rated R

haha i actually heard the thing that andrew garfield said. and i considered telling you but then i did not. ah well

nice fanmix nice pics.

ok sorry i didnt want to say a lot because i wanted to get to my fanmix!!!! which i finally finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok this is the like narrative one and when i first started this it was gonna be for btvs season 2 wow. because we were only in the middle of season 3 omg. and now we're like 3/4ths done with season 6. anyway this is not for a season but for the episode "once more with feeling" and each song is about a song from that episode!!!! and its a really good fanmix so u better listen to it everyone

1. don't swallow the cap - the national

i've been making shows of trading blows just hoping no one knows

i have only two emotions
careful fear and dead devotion
i can't get the balance right
throw my marbles in the fight
i see all the ones i wept for
all the things i had it in for
i won't cry until i hear
'cause i was not supposed to be here
when they ask what do i see
i see a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me

2. never let me down - kanye west

what can't we face if we're together

if i were on the highest cliff, on the highest riff
and you slipped off the side and clinched on to your life in my grip
i would never, ever let you down

3. gravity - vienna teng

your power shone brighter than any i've known

hey, love
i am a constant satellite
of your blazing sun
my love
i obey your law of gravity
this is the fate you've carved on me

4. when i'm sixty four - the beatles

we could really raise the beam in making marriage a hell

if i'd been out 'til quarter to three
would you lock the door
will you still need me, will you still feed me
when i'm sixty four
you'll be older too
and if you say the word
i could stay with you

5. i know you - lindsay price

and since i'm only dead to you i'm saying stay away

you say you want a softer side
well i tried but your pride makes it hard to confide
hey you, are you listening?
can you define the moment you became my opponent?
now thank you for the offerings
all the flowers and the rings and the beautiful things
i just wanted company
and you never wanted it
you're only getting what you give
so vilify me i'm done trying to make us what we're not
you said you'd try but darling you forgot
i know you

6. property - say anything

you brought me down and doomed this town

you sold your soul
you can't retrieve the love i stole
from you, it's true

7. wild world - cat stevens

i wish i could lay your arms down and let you rest at last

you know i've seen a lot of what the world can do
and it's breaking me heart in two
because i never wanna see you sad, girl

8. i can't stay - the killers

believe me i don't wanna go, and it'll grieve me 'cause i love you so

in the dark, for a while now
i can't stay so far
i can't stay much longer

9. make me real - she

i will walk through the fire and let it

the more i try to feel
the more i disappear
close your eyes
and make me real again

10. one more time with feeling - regina spektor

life isn't bliss, life is just this. it's living

hold on
one more time time with feeling
try it again
breathing's just a rhythm
say it in your mind
until you know that the words are right
this is why we fight

11. the bitter end - placebo

and there's not a one who can say this ended well

you shower me with lullabies
as you're walking away
reminds me that it's killing time
on this fateful day
see you at the bitter end

13. how much more - stars

this isn't real, but i just wanna feel. where do we go from here?

is this the story or
is this the end
i always kill your shadow but
here we are again

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