Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the goat of the cat

Hey gs!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah a giant fly just landed on my screen!!!!

Okay it's gone.

Tyt about my comic con stuff. Tyt about my dream. Tyt about Thor even though I still think he looks failed.

Uh I don't think that is the same voice actress g.

Why do you have all these secret things? Well here is some things I am excited for

*going to mad eye
*seeing The Wolverine
*going back to school
*seeing my friends again even though they are having a party without me bleh I hate them

Bleh I wish this fic was done I'm so tired of writing it I want to write other things

Bleh I'm so hungry I'm gonna die

Bleh is someone taking a shower I was just gonna take one

Bleh bleh bleh

Piccie time

This a pic I drew based on this thing Andrew Garfield said at comic con:
"What I discovered is that Peter is his little brother in a way. He's in the shadow. Spider-Man gets all the power, the attention, and he gets to live out this fantasy life, but when he gets home, Peter has the bangs and the bruises and the aches and the pains when the adrenaline has left his body. He has to look in the mirror, and he has to see a real boy in the mirror as opposed to this symbol that's greater than any human being."
Hob said to draw a pic of a small person making tomato sauce so here's another failed Thor. He's very messy

Also Hob said to draw Spider-Man sitting on someone's bedroom floor eating Pringles so here's he is. He's also very messy bc he's getting crumbs everywhere

Also I drew Peter and MJ based on Andrew's idea of MJ being a guy played by Michael B. Jordan

Also I don't think I ever posted the third Hawkeye comic so here it is

Okay that's enough have a nice day!

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