Tuesday, July 2, 2013

cat day

heyy gs

yum this stove top popcorn i am eating is super delicious!!!

wow wtf according to my facebook one of my friend's friends got engaged to someone in wal-mart today. that is really weird and seems like a stupid place to do it.  well it is better than getting married in wal-mart...

oh yeah and that sounds good to just use july as another month for the fanmixes.  i will get them done and post them on here i promise!! 

speaking of music, i just got into this private music torrent tracker and they have so much music on there!!!! it is so easy to find everything too!!!!  and the downloads have been like super fast for me!!!  the only thing that sucks about it is you have to maintain a good ratio of uploading and downloading and uploading music seems like way too much work because

a.  they are huge sticklers about the music being in really good quality
b.  it is hard to find music to upload that ISN'T on the website
c.  i've never uploaded music to torrents before 

i think you might be able to maintain your ratio by just seeding the torrents though.  idk

wow i slept in until like 1 pm today and for some reason i still feel tired.

okay sorry i got home late tonight so i don't really have much time for this post so this is the end

later gs.

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