Wednesday, July 17, 2013

when she was chickens

heyyy gs

gob you didnt respond to anything like you said you were gonna :(

noooooooooooooo dont put them on 8tracks that is the devil!!! jj the devil is a nice man. hmm. that place is cass

gob the other night i had a dream that me and you were sword fighting to the death. except then you hid in the bathroom so we never got to finish

also i had a dream a few nights ago that we were coming  back from tgiving except both of our households were coming back together and we were like all in the same car i think. and then we stopped at starbucks and someone was like "ok get out if you want starbucks" and no one got out

nice fanmix para! omg thor looks so small on that cover!!!!!!!

also i think that last summer i did an avengers fanmix w/ a song for each person or s/t and it was really hastily made but i def used that same song for hawkeye. i dont actually really know that song but

ok no fanmix but heres a pic i drew of hawkeye cosplaying riza hawkeye!!!!!!!

gob are you ever gonna post even a single fanmix

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