Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my first cat

heyy gs!

yay! whose line is it anyways is back tonight!!! it was pretty funny for the most part but there were way too many commercials and also they had special guests come up for the games instead of audience members and i didn't like that as much.  i think it will probably get better though.  haha the one new game where they rolled around on the floor sideways and they showed it as if they were standing up was really fun though!

wow this looks really cool.  i really want to go there because i didn't know that the indiana dunes are only like a three hour drive from our house.  and we always complain about indiana being boring because there aren't any oceans but lake michigan is pretty big so it's kinda like going to the beach at an ocean!!!

wow okay so idk what happened to the plan of microsoft picking up heroes and doing a new season but i guess the license is being picked up by dynamite entertainment and they are doing a comic book continuation from directly after season 4.  i don't think i even really care about heroes that much anymore but that is just crazy that people are still trying to make it come back in some form or another!


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