Thursday, July 18, 2013

the menace of the goat man

Hey gs!

I had a really creepy dream last night which I will never recover from.

Well I didn't say I was going to put them on 8tracks I just said if I wanted to put them a place I'd have to do something like that so people could listen to them but anyway I'm way to lazy to put them on 8tracks anyway.

Tbh I would rather someone had lyrics and quotes for a fanmix than put it on 8tracks or even have a download link though so

Tyt about my fanmix! Huh that's strange bc I was thinking Thor looked the most failed of everyone on that cover.

Oh okay I did not remember that fanmix that you made but that song is really perf for Hawkeye so

Nice cute piccie of Hawkeye!!!!

I think that is better for Heroes bc at least personally I wouldn't really care about a show made by microsoft with different characters but a comic book with the same characters that is continuing the show sounds way better! I read the comic books that were written while the show was going and they were pretty good but these comic books might be better because they will be able to tell the main story line instead of just side stories that go along with it and stuff. I have read some comics that Cullen Bunn has written for Marvel and I thought they were pretty good so.

Raise your hand if you wish you were at comic con right now.

Well they released a clip of Electro and it looks pretty awesome! The TASM 2 panel is tomorrow and they might show some more footage from the movie then. I hope if they do someone will secretly film it and put it on the internet!!! Hmm I wonder when we will get a teaser trailer.

Oh also Shailene hinted in an interview that she might be returning to play MJ in TASM 3.

Oh Hob I forgot to say that that elephant in The Wild Thornberrys Movie whose voice I said sounded familiar and you said it was probably someone from Spider-Man, you were both right and wrong. It is the same voice actor as Glory Grant from Spectacular Spider-Man and Professor Williams from Spider-Man the New Animated Series, but it's also Valerie from Danny Phantom and Susie from Rugrats!

Darn I wish I hadn't finished the game because now I have nothing to put in my posts really.

Okay well I guess that's all I have to say have a nice day!

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