Sunday, July 21, 2013

never step on a goat

Hey gs!!!

Oops almost forgot to post.

Jk I still have 2 hours left.

Idk why Hob didn't post yesterday.

Wow so many things to say about things!!!

Okay well Maria Hill is going to be in Agents of SHIELD!!! That p exciting!!! Idk why Maria isn't in Ultimate Spider-Man despite the fact that a good portion of it revolves around SHIELD and stuff.... Although I'm not sure if Maria will be a recurring character in the show or if she's just going to be int he pilot or something.

Okay well about the TASM 2 panel, I haven't been able to find a video of the whole thing but I've seen a good portion of it and I've read a lot of things about it. That was so hilarious and awesome when Andrew Garfield came to the panel in costume and also in character.
*Actually this is going to be bullet points because I can't compose a coherent paragraph about this.
*Andrew's name card thing on the table said "Spider-Man" because he came in as Spider-Man first wow
*He talked about his "sense stuff" telling him to go save people in the middle of doing things hmm I wonder if that will be important in the movie and also I wonder if he will ever decide to just call it his spider-sense
*Spider-Man said he does what he does because he doesn't like assholes. Then he asked if he was allowed to say the a-word.
*Okay he was just really small everything he said was small
*Except I can't find a video of the whole thing bleh
*Also Spider-Man kissed Dane on his head when he left
*Also it sounds like the footage from the movie was super cool but I haven't found a video of it
*When Andrew came back after changing his clothes he was like "oh man I'm so sorry I'm late that was so rude of me I'm so sorry." Like okay buddy
*I think Andrew might have gotten in a little bit of trouble for what he said about wanting Spider-Man to be bisexual because it seems like he had to backpedal a little bit aww g
*It seems like Electro's gonna be awesome I'm so excited
*Haha some really stupid fanboy was like "I demand Carnage" and in answer to his question Marc completely ignored him and went on and on about how awesome Electro is
*So Harry and Peter are going to be childhood friends like I wanted aw yeah
*Andrew called Toby Maguire a sex machine.
*Also he said he wants to be in the Avengers or he at least wants Spider-Man to be in the Avengers. Me too buddy

*Wow I'm so excited for p much everything in this movie why does it have to be like 10 months away???

Okay I haven't seen any of the Marvel panel but I've read something things about it. Avengers 2 is going to be called Age of Ultron........ Okay well jsyk that arc had a good beginning but the end was kind of dumb imo like I'm pretty sure no one really liked it. But also that came out like this year but idk I guess they are just borrowing the title and it's not really going to be related except the villain is going to be Ultron obviously but okay why even use that name???? Also apparently Ultron's origin isn't going to include Hank Pym??? Well that doesn't make a shred of sense to me especially since they ARE making a Ant-Man movie!!!  Bleh okay well I guess I trust Joss to make it good but this isn't making me feel particularly good about it.... Haha but someone told Scarlett and Chris Evans the name of the movie and they were like "who's Ultron?"  

Well apparently Loki showed up at the Thor 2 panel also but from what I can tell he just yelled at everyone why does anyone like him??? Also Spidey did it first just saying.....

Okay so at the TASM 2 press conference Avi was like "there was too much going on for two girls" and that's why they cut MJ from the film. Like okay there's room for 352985789 male characters but only one female one???? I mean they didn't have to make MJ a love interest they could have just introduced her wow it's not that hard.

Oh also I'm getting kind of excited for Guardians of the Galaxy even though I still hate the director.

Haha Andrew said that he needs to spend half an hour in the Spider-Man toy aisle me too Andrew me too.

Also he said he likes the new suit better because he can urinate easier in it. Haha well I really like the new suit it looked amazing at the panel and it's definitely more the classic suit and yeah

Also in the X-Men DOFP panel the Magnetos were flirting with each other hello

Okay I'm gonna move on to talking about non-comic con stuff now and maybe I'll add some more stuff later if I think of it but don't expect there to be any more in this post because I'm going to put it somewhere above this very definitive line

Well I guess I should say that I saw Pacific Rim and it was p good I guess

Wow Gob who are you kidding you haven't done ANY fanmixes and you only have a few days left

Wow I had a dream about the 90s Spider-Man cartoon and it was so crazy. It was like Spider-Man was turned into a vampire (which doesn't make sense because Spider-Man is immune to vampires because of his radioactive blood) and so he had to drop out of college because he couldn't attend his daytime classes, so then like a good amount of time passed and then he found these three magic balls that he could use to make wishes and he used the first one for something stupid I don't remember. Then he used the second one to turn himself into a cat. And then he used the third one to I guess make himself not a cat and also make it so he could go outside in the daytime but the whole reason he did that was so he could go back to college. So then he went out in the daytime in his Spider-Man suit but people kept chasing him and throwing trash at him so he changed into normal clothes and then Flash was yelling at him but he was like lol whatever and then he finally made it to the campus and then Dr. Conners got mad at him for missing his class.

Okay I have been emailing my new roommate a lot and I'm almost ready to write her biography.

If you think I didn't add any more comic con stuff you are wrong because I did but which stuff did I add and which stuff did I write before????? You'll never know!!!!

I want some pasta salad!!!

Okay sorry this is a litt ebit realted to comic con but i'[m so exiCTIED FOR STUFF ESP TASM 2KLAJLSGJDSLGJDSLGJSLDLDSDSLKGDSLDSLJ


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