Thursday, July 4, 2013

the goat and the gangsters

Hey gs!

Wow Hob you're dumb as sticks.

Well Wal-Mart is probably better than a yucky basement so idk bro

Gob do you realize that you didn't even post a single fanmix in that whole month? Doubtful that you will post every single one of them this month. But if you don't you will suffer. So doubtful that you won't suffer.

Well there's nothing really else to respond to...

Wow I played a few games of chess with Noah but it's really annoying because I keep winning and he keeps getting mad because he wants to beat me because he fancies himself some kind of expert and I am a newbie.  But he keeps accusing me of cheating even though it seems like he just makes up rules to stop me from winning right at the end. And even if they are real rules he should explain them before so I can account for them you know. And also other people have agreed that I won fairly so I don't think I am doing anything wrong and he just sucks at chess probably. Actually the same thing happens when we play four square because he also just makes up rules to get other people out or make him safe and doesn't explain them and complains of other people cheating. Also what's really annoying about him playing four square is he plays super competitively even when he is playing with a bunch of old people. Okay in conclusion Noah is such a sore loser and he should really work on that.

I'm so tired I keep getting woken up early I hate life

Well I was trying to finish my fanmix but there wasn't time so next time I hope

Happy 4th of July gs!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day!!!!

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