Sunday, July 14, 2013

prophecy chicken

heyyyyy gs

wb gob!!!!

g rugrats is rated r

nice fanmixy. even though idk who's thems. but wow that cover!!!! you shuold do somethin with all these fanmixes besides put them on thegoblog because they have such great covers. bleh that reminds me i have like 4 finished fanmixes that i want to put other places but i dont wanna make dum dum covers

heres my cuties fanmix

its kiritsugu/irisviel from fate zero

1. the crane wife 3 - the decemberists

all clothed in a snowy shroud
she had no heart so hardened
all under the bows unbowed

2. starts with one - shiny toy guns

starts with one
i can't feel
it's all in your mind anyway
now there's two i can't see
i can't feel anything anyway
let's show them the only way
let's show them our hearts

3. i know places - lykke li

i know places we can go, babe
don't ask me when, but ask me why
don't ask me how, but ask me where
there is a road, there is a way
there is a place, there is a place

4. in for the kill - la roux

two hearts with accurate devotion
what are feelings without emotions?
i'm going in for the kill
i'm doing it for a thrill
and not let go of my hand
let's go to war to make peace
let's be cold to create ease

5. i'll believe in anything - wolf parade

if i could take the fire out from the water
i'd share a life and you'd share a life
i'd take you where nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn
and i could give you my apologies
by handing over my neologies
and i could take away your shaking knees
and i could give you all the olive trees
oh look at the trees and look at my face and look at a place far away from here

6. casualties of war - gossip

was it too much to feel the touch
of someone that you couldn't love
for someone that comes and goes
so how are you, i'm doing well
i'm fighting tears, you couldn't tell
i'm not as strong as you thought i was
when you fall down do you hear the sound
of broken dreams hitting the ground
baby, please, we're casualties of war

7. get over me - fefe dobson

we know what's coming next
the time we hid from has come too fast
there's so much i have learned from you
the love you gave was something knew

8. unchained melody - lykke li

oh, my love, my darling
i need your love

9. breaker - low

our bodies break
and the blood just spills and spills

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