Saturday, April 18, 2015


heyyyy gs!

nice posts hobbie

nice pics of u

nice things u did

i also didnt eat the things for all of passover which was super difficult bc the dining hall dont have any food

im p sure i did write those dang things with abs that weekend  but im taking a break from it now tho abs trying to make me do it but im trying to write my own thing pls let me live

dang i wish i could go to duluth i wish sum was here too.  dang get some free comics 4 me

thats sounds small i love that spide girl

anyway i watched daredevil and then i died

then i made this fanmix.... maybe spoilers??? idk just watch out

sinsister kid - the black keys
if i kill a man in the first degree
baby would you flee with me?

the boxer - simon and garfunkel
in the clearing stands a boxer,
and a fighter by his trade
and he carries the reminders
of every glove that laid him down

laser beams - wintersleep
one day laser beams will cure my sight
negative five, that's pretty much blind,
i wanna see things, you know

karen - the national
karen, put me in a chair, fuck me and make me a drink
i've lost direction and i'm past my peak

legal man - belle and sebastian
you're the legal man,
you've got to prove that you're no liar

going through hell - the streets
if you're going through hell,
keep going!

the darkest star - depeche mode
oh, you blind one
gentle and kind one
seeing the world as a loaded gun

beat the devil's tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club
everyone is king
when there's no one left to pawn

blindness - metric
i was a blindfold, never complained
all the survivors singing in the rain
i was the one with the world at my feet
got us a battle, leave it up to me

avocado baby - los campesinos!
i have known friends to, crack from love's weight
blossom in rib cage, until their backs break

daredevil - fiona apple
i guess i just must be a daredevil
i don't feel anything until i smash it up

heck yeah this to thing here

i love daredevil that's all

have a nice day!

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