Thursday, April 23, 2015


heyyyy gs

g it means will see it w/in some days of when we getcha. idk

why do you need to know these ducs. i went to moms concert and there was ducks on the grass and i snapped em

well if theyre needing to have a white guy maybe theyre trying to find a cute one but theyre having trouble because theres not a big amount of them. can they give that up pleas

wow i forgot about spide in cap 3. wow that will just be this movie. cant i live. but that will be the movie for us all eexcept in a messie way

wow you'll "probably" see it. sure jan

yea they already had their ugly white guy movies do we need this again

ok i'll vote for you and then if we both win then there will be an ice town inside an ice town. the dream is collapsign

i keep going to minneapple because my friend lives there and i kept doing stuf w him and also i went to the moa twice and also i went some other places i think. anyway i will prob never see this guy again so i guess that problems solved. altho im going to minneapolis tomorrow but

aw g thats a rusty roommate. why dont you stop being considerate to her. wow i cant believe she covered her ears when you were talking. wow

cool day and legs.

wait what th fuck i just realized i already posted toaay. whatver days are a social constuctr

anyway today after i did that other stuff i went to the moa for a lil bit and spent $100 on makeup and i also got a candle and a lunch and then i went to ikea which was a weird place and i tried to see if they had cacti but they didnt have the cute teensy ones i wanted. then i went to walgreens and bought 20 combs. then i spent a long time feeling misery. then i played video games. then i made tofu. then i faced my inevitable death once and for all. whatbvber that means.

wow tody i went to the moa and tomorrow im going to the mia. too bad i will die if i step inside there

also i just went to the zoo but i might be going again really soon. what is happening

wow pls imagine if your phone and internet wasnt working for a while then after that wouldnt you not forget to let a person know why you werent talking to them or you coulda made an effort to contact them like with your work internet or soemthi ng. never trusst anyone who owns an eminem cd please.

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