Sunday, April 19, 2015


heyyyyyy gs

well well well look who it is

tyt bout my stuff

well not eating the stuff was difficult enough in thsi house so i can imagine. i think everyone did it tho except maybe dad

jus tell abs you got to go your only way

ok g if we go to free coms day i'll getcha some. tho couldnt you go to that one place. well dont worry its almost summer

dang it all i still need to watch daredevil but i will as soon as some stuff has been resolved

nice fanmix probably tho i cant say for sure til after i watch that show and then listen

hows my cats drawings coming. jk its fine if you dont start it til summery

wow this last week has been so dang horrible but in a weird way idek whats happpening. at least i had work today and i thought it was gonna be snoozer cuz i thought only boring ppl were gonna be working today but that wasnt tru and me and this one g hid this guy's homework in the cash register and then went to great lengths to get him to find it. wow

please view my little ones:

ok para when we go to baba's bday thing theres gonna be a party car and a lame car. which will you care to be in? in the party car we gonna all contribute jamz to a large playlist and just generally party. heck yea

we never foudn out hows your spice

on friday i might be a chaperone on noahs field trip cuz i said a joke that i wanted to do that but then i decided that bossing around high schoolers is my truest passion so now it will be real. the place its at tho i might have a heart attack if i go in but ok

who wantsta give me sum jamz

i been working on my wreck this journal a lot this week. its something

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