Monday, April 20, 2015


heyyy gs

yqw about your stuff

dangit dad hecked up

well i wrote a bit more of the rps with abs but i'm just not feelin it but i'm really feelin my own thing i'm working on. heck yeah

well idk bc that one year they had the free comics but last year i went and they didn't have them?  so idk??  just get them for me pls

ooh icqcme for you for you watching dd.  when you gonna watch it?  if you wanted to wait like more than 2 weeks then we could watch it togeth. that could be spec.

did you ever finish agent carter tho?

tyt about my fanmix mayb

oooh i haven't started your cat drawing yet sorry!!! dangit i hecked up!!!  but i will do them

who are your little ones?  who is she

well doi i want to be in the party car.  but why are there two cars that is the question

what spice???

wow where is the field trip to?  is it to a demonstration of radioactivity?

hey g are you comin to come get me w dad????  u should do it!!! icqcme for that also!!!

last night i had a dream that i was spider-man and i was eating a turkey sandwich!!!  so basically the best dream ever lol

that's all have a nice day!!!

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