Sunday, April 26, 2015


heyyyyy gs

wow i woke up at like 6 am which is now and i was like dang i woke up late today. wtf

ok but you can still eat in your hall before 8 and willnt starve. wow that is amazing that you used up your snack mones. im so proud of ya

everythings dead because just dwai

aw g well i mostly said about my plans to make a movie where basically everyone dies except thor and steve and then they form the most beautiufl friendship and this movie would be a huge success obviously. wow my friend kept like asking me who would win in a fight between whoever and whoeves and i did not care to discuss this and he asked me would thor or steve win and i dont care for them to fight so i said they would stop fighting and become friends bc tbh their friendship is so beautiful to me i hope theres summa that in age of ultron thats all i h ave.

aw g im sorry we're going to brunch w out you. it had to be today cuz moms friend is playing music at there so thats the reason why we're going. alto tbh i dont care about that really and im going for the brunch basically. wow some people dont even wanna go that much so its like do they deserve this. i wish you could take their place. ok just me and you can go to brunch in the summ. tho it will have to be in a big amount of time when some money can be found

g i said dwai

why are you making so many bracelets? you and abs are fools but jk because im gonna have to pay for gas w a bag full of pennies. jk cuz im gonna take it to the bank first but still

today i woke up. then wrote this post. ok ill just say of my plans for today. today i will jjsut chill for a while and then have a brunch and then come home and do some stuff like maybe laundry maybe play my game maybe read this captain america article. then at some point possibly workout and go to the grocery. then make bread or w/e. then die at last

wtf i wrote this post and then i went back to sleep and dint post it. ok

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