Monday, April 6, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

jus killing time before work really

i miss all the gs on here but ok

hey i just realized para didnt do her story and talk with abs all weekend. is she still doing that or did she just have too much homework. or did she do it in the night

this week has so much going on in it but im only working one day. how is this? today i will train two peeps at once. that will be something. i will try to tell them to do things and then go talk to my coworkers. thats a good day. but bleh i havent really had a day where i could just do nothing all day in a long time. maybe on saturday idk.

i wish duluth was here

i wish summ was here

at least theres nothing that bad standing between us and those but i still want em. or at least i want it to get warm again. last week it was like 80 something one day. oh wait the dentist stands in our way

less than one month til return of the slavengies. oooo also spring con is in the next month. that month will have so much to offer us. today i found that there seems to be a comic book store in duluth so maybe ill be able to get free comics day.

im reading the smallest thing with rikki barnes and spide girl and they just love each other

ok 5 mins, then i'll go


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