Monday, April 20, 2015


heyyyyyyyyyy gs

just osting right after you para

oo whats your own writing thing even??

well doi bc you were the only person who mightve gotten those free comics from that place so last year josh didnt even bother. ok g if we make it to the comic book store ill getcha sum

dang only two weeks thats it? yea i could prob wait to watch it w you niiiiiiiiiiiice! yea i finished agent carter. i love pegs.

yqw bout your fanmix mayb

g its ok if you dont start the drawing yet idc

my little ones are my ducks?

theres two cars cuz baba has to come back w us but we've only five seats in a car

the spice you brought back with you not the last time you were here but the time before

yea thats exacctly where the field trip is. no its to the MIA. maybe i will get bitten by a radioactive giant colorful panda. i hope i die from that

yea g im comin w dad!!!!! i am happy that i can actually come this time cuz i dont have to work those days. tho on fri we have to make sure we are home by 4:30 cuz i got zumba but that should be fine

oh dang it i need my jamz for that occassion too. that aint happeninn

thats a nice dream. last night i had a dream that made me want to die a death when i woke up

luckily tomorrow i'll die

tomorrow whoa boy what a mess that will be

today i spent a long time putting little pieces of cat tape around letters on a page. then i went to yoga. then i noticed that the g who was supposed to be working wasnt there and i wanted to work early so i ran an errand which was the craft store and then i came back and worked. but it was a snore but whatever. i forgot about this saying about my day thing. here it is back where it lives

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