Wednesday, April 22, 2015


heyyyy gs

my own thing im writing is a daredevil fanfic lol

well about two weeks actually two weeks from tomorrow is when i'm done i guess.  aww yeah i cant wait for us watching daredevil. also whens we gonna watch avengies???

who are those ducks tho?????

oh ok. so is baba gonna be in the party car or the other??? lol

do you mean...that spice i found in my bag?  what the heck how did that get there. is that what you mean tho???

nice one!!!! icqcme for you to come here!!! awww yeah so you guys are coming on thurs and then we're leaving on friday right?  i just realized that is also noah's bday so i will be able to see that boy when he becomes the dancing queen!!!!

what was the death

bleh pls save us from these actors that want to play spider-man. pls don't let them.  pls let the real spider-Man play him.

but really good news daredevil season 2 is coming for us in 2016 so that will be the year of the gods even if there's a yucky guy trying to play spide

hm what else is to say. i'm running for president in the year 2028 pls vote for me

ok here's what i did today. i woke up at like 10:30 and then i slept for like another 40 minutes and then i stayed in bed for another like 50 minutes. aw yeah not having any morning classes is the bomb diggity.  too bad my prof is coming back on friday so i will have to have that class again but lol there's only another week of classes really so whatev. then i got up and i got dressed then i had lunch then i did homework then i chilled a bit then i went to class then i had dinner then i did more homework. then someone gave me some pudding with oreos and wormies yum yum yum. then i kept chillin now here i am just hcillen

that was good.

haave a nice day!!!

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