Saturday, April 25, 2015


heyyyyyyy gssssss

oh ok

oh ok

that true.

but here's an idea for them: instead of castin like a guy thats a lil bit older than what they're going for to play spide try casting someone a lot younger like a baby. that would be cute. just any baby

well mayb cap 3 will still be good idk it still has those same director guys right idk it might be who knows

wow g if ur lookin for teeny cacti you could check out this place i saw on tumblr they have lil cacti and tiny lil things to put them in. thats so crazy that i just saw that. or is that too teensy? but is there really such a thing as too teensy

why will you die if u go to the mia

i imagined that but i didnt know waht was hap

well its 12:30 but its basically still friday so here's a thing about my day. i woke up too early but i want to get up so i stayed in bed. then i got up then i got dressed then i went to class then i had lunch then i chilled a bit then i w


ok i did it. anyway then i went to class then i chilled then i had dinner. guess what there was for dinner there was crab legs again and also meatbals subs. yum yum yu then i made a bunch of bracelets for a million hours then i got hunger bu t i didnt have any food i only had a five dollar bill so i gave my 5 to abby for 2 dollars in change and bought two things of cheese its from the vending machine cause the first one got stuck and gave one of them to abby.  that didnt seem like a fair trade and now i will starve for the rest of the 2 weeks but whatever. i kind of wish i didnt do that but the hunger made me crazy. just why

anyway thats all i'm have a nice day

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