Thursday, April 23, 2015


heyyyyyyyyy gs

do you mean avengies 2 or? we will watch it when we watch it idk!!!

theyre just ducks g what do you want from them

haha baba's obv gonna be in the party car. no.

yea thats the spice. it got in there because jesus wanted you to have it

icqcme to come there too altho i shouldtna said that thing about not having to work that day cuz the next morning i got an email asking if i could work that day. i turned it down tho. so. yea those are the days.

what are the actors that wanna play spide. do i wanna kno. if this feeling flows both ways. sad to see ya go. was sorta hoping that youd stay. baby we both know.

2016 will also have cap 3 altho i heard a horrible thing about it honestly being iron man 5 bc robert downy juni is a smelly pig. i want death to come for us all

well im running for mayor p soon i think. pleas vote for me and not for noah. im gonna make ice town

ok h eres what i did today. woke up. played bioshock for 10 mins. fell back asleep. woke up. downloaded music. tried to go back to sleep. didnt. wrote a post. ok but today im going to the mall of america for the second time in one week. im p sure ive been to minneapolis like 9 times this week. or i def will have after sunday.

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