Saturday, April 25, 2015


heyyy gs

yea wheres our baby

yea thats the only thing that gives me hope boout cap 3 but still

omg they are so teensy!!!!! idk if thats too teensy cuz i want them to live in my room but maybe. thank for hookin me up but yea thats crazy that you just saw that

ok g dont you have a dining hall. dont you have any money left for your snack place? well me i will not starve but i will baiscally have no money til next fri so i might have to scrounge up coins from my room to pay for gas

ok this weekend is dead to me. and probably neext week is dead to me. even going to duluth is dead to me. everythings dead.

yesteryda i was a chaperone and it was like idk i spent most of the time telling my coworker about my feelings about thor and steves friendship. so yea

today i woke up from a dream that was like i went to work to hang out w ppl there even though i wasnt working and then i woke up and i realized i actually did have to work today and i was like heck yea. that was weird. then i went to work and ate 1.5 bagels and talked w my coworker some more and idk. at least he decided he was going to cook all the food so all i had to do was ring ppl up and get drinks and stuff

i wish this piano would shut it

do you ever have a thing where like you rarely wanna watch anything besides the office but then youre in a bad mood for a time so you only watch eps where ppl are miserable but then you watched all of those recently and its like now what

if i hear this tune again im gonna lose it

well at least tomorrow weere going to hells kitchen brunch but i expected to be in a better day when that happened.

bleh can death strike me down. ca n it happen. i wish it was a different time like maybe a week and some days from now. ikd. idk when anything will happen. how do i pass an amount of time. im jsut going to lie on the floor and play my game. bye

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