Wednesday, April 29, 2015


hey gsss

dangit theres homework in the world

if i go to bed too early then i can sleep. also did i mention theres homeowrk

heres what you need to know about spide and dd's friendship

lol well jk thats not really all bc theyre actually really great friends even tho its this guy who needs to use his hearing to operate and a guy who never ever shuts up. so that's cute. if you really want to know more i could tell you or i could recommend some things to read. yeah. i love em

who is ruining everything

well today i woke up then i got dressed then i had lunch then i chilled then i went to class then i chilled then i had dinner then i chilled then i did homework then i chilled then i wrote this post the end

dangiti was lookin thru some of my old art bc i used to draw spide and dd togeth and then i suddenly got a huge urge to draw. dangit but i need to take a shower and go to bed. or i could do that tomorrow. no i gotta do it tonight dangit. ok maybe after

thats all have a nice day!

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