Thursday, April 23, 2015


heyyy gs!!!

yeah thats what i mean. ok idk what that means but ok

i want to know those ducks story

the actors that wanna play spide are just these bleh ugly white boys. pls save us from them.  bleh if they're gonna cast a white guy to play spide at least cast a cute one. pls god i cant take this

yeah thats what i meant cause that spide is gonna be in cap 3. some bleh that movie might have yucky iron man and mayb a yucky guy playing spide. oh jesus remember when cap 3 was gonna be so good.

tho also they announced that they're making an animated spide movie too??  thats comin out in 2018?  what the heck.  so three years in a row a movie with spide will come out for us to view???  well actually im a little excite about that but only bc i'm trash that loves spider-man

its like ok do we Need this many spider-man movie??? well objectively NO, but i'm trash

honestly even if there a ugly white guy playin spide i will still probably see it gosh dangit

i mean i watched 2 out of 3 of those tobe movies so i think theres a 2 out of 3 chance i will see it yeah

ok back on topic

ok i will vote for you if you vote for me.  i'm gonna make ice town too but its gonna be the ice town for our whole country.  all of minnesota will be the ice town

why do you keep going to minneapolis?

ok wow i can't stand my roommate anymore and here is why
*today she woke me up at like 9:00 (i didnt have a class until 2 so that was  too early for me to be awake tbh) by talking on her phone and only when i made annoyed enough sounds did she go out into the hallway to talk but then while she was out there her dang alarm went off and she didn't come back into the room to turn it off until she was done w her phonecall so yeah it was going for like a few mins and i couldn't go back to sleep
*also she just talks to herself all the time just pls shut up
*also she watches things on her comp without headphones just why?? i'm trying to live
*her side of the room is a mess like a HUGE MESS like i can't stand to look at it it makes me so stressed out and like i don't like seeing it it looks so gross just pls. the only times i can stand to be in the room is when its dark in there so i can't see the mess bc i hate it!!!
*but i can't even live in the dark bc whenever she comes into the room she turns the lights on!!! even if i'm in there trying to sit in the dark and watch daredevil or something bc its a v dark show so i need to watch it in a dark room also but like pls stop turning on the lights when i clearly want them off!!! also don't leave them on when you leave the room!!! that's wasting electricity!!!
*i feel like she just keeps turning the lights on to spite me omg
*also she got some weird shit in my carpet that i brought for us and she don't even care
*today i was trying to talk to my friend in my room and she was like covering her ears like hello we weren't even being loud. and also hello YOU ARE LOUD ALL THE FUCKING TIME I HATe you
*also she has this bright light by her bed that's like this lightbulb with a thing around it and its super bright and its too bright to directly aim at yourself bc it will hurt your eyes so she aims it at my bed instead. like...thanks bud
*just like in general i hate her.  she is the most unconsiderate person i've ever met and like...i'm a pretty ok considerate person. i stay up late but i stay in the lounge instead of the room and when i come in i dont turn on the lights or make a lot of noise i use this tiny flashlight thing to find my pajamas and my toothbrush and stuff and then i go right to bed...but when i'm sleeping she will just turn on the lights, talk on the phone, talk to herself, just whatever.  SHE DONT EVEN CARE

ok i'm trying to be calm.  i'm trying to live.  only two more fuckin weeks of this shit.

just eating some marshmallows trying to be calm

ok heres what i did today.  well i told you what happened this morning already lets not think about that. so i got up got dressed went to lunch. chilled. went to class. chilled a bit. had dinner.  in the dining hall they had crab legs??? probably the best thing thats ever been in the dining hall i guess. it was like a special thing idk.  but yeah that was good. then i did homework and chilled then this post.

i'm so cold!!!!!

i wish right now was a good time to take a shower but it aint

ok well have a nice day!!!

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