Friday, August 27, 2010

Better Halves

sup gs!

hmmm i feel like i had a bunch of stuff to say in this post but now icr any of them.

well i need to say that last night i discovered that there are NO hiro/daphne fic on ff dot net! WHAT THE! so then i wrote one and it has hardly even gotten any hits! WHAT IS THIS!?!?

look at these two. they are perfect for each other. i don't understand. way better than daphne and matt. idgi.

hmm what else do i have to say? idk. i got so addicted to this one website and then i was almost gonna tell you about it, but then i decided not to since you are both in school and that would be mean of me.

hello we still need a punishment for gob!

wow i just watched this awesome ep of star trek tos. idegi because mother said it was a bad one but i plum loved it.

ok the game.

day 21-what's the best dream i've ever head:

probably something sylar related. icr.

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