Thursday, August 5, 2010

Soldier's Poem

hey gs!

oops i totes forgot it was my day today!

aw g well i really need to make this quickish because i still have fifty mad eye jamz to get! D:


like now i just understand everything. except i still will never know. but that really can't be helped, so.

gs guess what i got in the mail!? the heroes mag that i ordered! goos! its so beautiful and i'm gonna read on at mad eye. this will be my last post for like a week, btw.

oh speaking of that, have some unfinished challenges. ok i will try to fin them really quick.

ok i need to do the haiku one!

alright here's what i have. it's not that great, and i only did one volume of volume 3. i started out semi trying to cover what really happened in the ep, but then i just plum gave up.

The Second Coming
A shocking premier
Nathan, Matt, Pete. Hiro Too.
Cute Sylaire moment

The Butterfly Effect
Elle screws a big time
What a big huge giant glug
New girl called Tracy

One of Us, One of Them
One of us is a
Big huge giant glug. One of
Them is really cool.

I Am Become Death
Very different
The future is. Sylar’s son
Like to eat waffles

Angels and Monsters
Claire wants to hunt bad
guys. Hiro wants to be bad
Ass. I can’t even.

Dying of the Light
There’s the puppet dude
Plus Matt comes on to Daphne
An ep full of creeps

Eris Quod Sum
Eclaire if I shipped
That. Arthur’s voice sounds like his
Mouth is full of spit.

Elle bribes Gabe with pie
Peach, he says, is his favorite.
I could go for some.

It’s Coming
Arthur Petrelli
Masturbates in a room full
Of onlookers. Ew.

The Eclipse, Part 1
The secondary
Eclipse is a nuisance, but
Less so than the book

The Eclipse, Part 2
Elle dies! Yay! Goosbag!
It’s time to party, methinks.
Break out the bubbly

Our Father
We are back in time.
The 90’s to be precise.
Ah, nice memories

You would think that this ep
Would be called “Duel”, but it’s
Not. What a sure shame.

ok well that was niceish. i think i did most of the other challenges. whatevs. i'm so lazzy right now.

let's just do the game.

oh but first the fake game

day 4-my favorite score:
ok well while i was watching inception a second time, i was listening for my fave score, and i really like the one that is all dununnnn you know? and also the music that was when they just got to the third dream level. but most of all i like the music that the listen to for the kick. and i think that is my fave.

now the real game:
"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."

goblin quiz:
1. what's the name of the song in inception that i like?
2. which haiku was your fave?
3. what did i get in the mail?
4. who said that glug quote?
5. how many mad eye jamz have i already downloaded?

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