Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mad-Eye Moody




gob. did. not. post. yesterday.

he. is. getting. punished. i. am. so. serious.

alright well, anyway me and my g were on mad-eye last week but i have so much happy in me to be back to the internet. except i did start writing this great fic on mad-eye. yeah its awesome.

speaking of awesome. check this out. hello! i hate this song so much but omg this vid is awesome and someone requested it.

did you like that, gs?!

bleh idk how this scene should happen. i wanted it to be night so they could have night breakfast but then i realized it was day not to long ago and night breakfast is not as awesome unless it happens after midnight. D:

hello! idk even what to say in this post! oh hello! we saw inception again yesterday! hello! it was awesome again! that point man is just this guy who is awesome.

omg where are those gs? when will they be home? idek.

hello! now i will play the inception game because hello! its awesome

day 5-my totem:

well idek. well i have my loaded die totem but that is not my real one because hello! i couldn't just copy the point man! i was thinking my totem could be my ipod because hello i always have that with me and only i know what songs are on it but hello what if someone made it in the dream but made it not turn on?! then how would i know if i was in a dream or if my ipod was just not working?! so that's out. idek what my totem will be but i should probs get one soon because noah keeps threatening to do inception on me. except that is absurd because he doesn't have a point man.

day 6-a song that makes me think of inception:

hello! this song:

upside down! bouncing off the ceiling! inside out! something something something!

day 7-who would i be and why?

duhhh i would be the point man because i am awesome

day 8-my reaction to the ending:


day 9-do i think it fell over:

...the world may never know.

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  1. i do have a point man. His name is Michael Skelton.