Sunday, August 1, 2010

Into Asylum

hey gs!

new vid today! you're in luck!

haha did you like that?

omg there are so many things that i am excited for!
-mad eye
-my mad eye jamz
-a heroes magazine that i ordered
-getting the heroes s4 dvds
-seeing inception again
-a motion city soundtrack concert in october

icqcme for all those things!!!!

ok gs i have some more icons!

first, here are the character expressions ones. i'm not even gonna bother with that stupid chart thing because it didn't work last time.

do you like those g?

ok now i made some star trek ones for noah just because i am so nice, and here they are.

i hope you like them g! if you want to use some of them or something, you can get them from me. :)

haha now i have something...that i did last night and it was really late and i was so tired and so this was seeming so funny to me and i could legit not stop laughing and like every little thing was making me crack up so hard and i don't even.

ok what i did was i went on this place that has random heroes pictures and i took the random pics and i put them on this place where you can like add stuff and i just made them awesome.

ok here they are.

the queens of heroes

i juuuuust can't wait to be king

omg this one i don't even

this is obviously paire about to be mauled by a bear

omg it appears sylar and claire are getting married! i'm so happy for them!

omg what even was that? i'm so confused. what's the deal with my brain? why am i so obviously insane?

ok omg we need a new game!

ok our new game will be a little quote game and you have to say a quote and the next person replies with a quote and so on.

ok here is the start:

"are YOU on the list?"

now a goblin quiz!
1. which three expression icons were your faves?
2. how about the star trek ones?
3. on a scale of 1-10, how glug is para for making those weirdo pics?
4. which pic is your fave?
5. what ep is that quote from and who says it?

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