Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better Open the Door


gs i am plum exhasuted so i just dont feel like doin this right now
but w/e w/e
today i had this long glug day cuz i left my dorm at like 11 and then i had lunch and then i had like 3 classes and they were all like 1 hour apart so i had to just glug around for some time and then it was like 7 and i RUSHED to this meeting and then i went to chipotle and finally i got back at like 8:30. bleh. also i'm supposed to go to this glug floor meeting at like 10 but NTYT. all i wanna do now is read this GREAT fanfic i started reading this morn. and read some other fanfics.
omg last night i watched this movie cuz jgl is in it and it was the weirdest movie. it had like 2 dif situations that happened at one of them was SUPER boring and the other was really exciting but it ended boring so IDEK. but it was worth it. also they used gmail in it. haha idek.

haha somebody just knocked on the door to tell us to go to the glug meeting and we plum didnt answer the thing
ooops i forgot about this post for a bunch of time. i was gonna put somethin interesting in it but now i'm too lazy. next time.

omg im so thirsty and i wanna go down to the vending machine and get a delish drink but i am in the middle of avoiding that meeting thing so probs i cant.

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