Monday, August 2, 2010

The Secret Riddle

para if i hear one more word about that stupid concert i will spit on your face and i'm not even kidding


jj jj

wow i have been so unproductive for the last few hours but it was nbd because i havent really done much relaxing for the last month cuz its just been like cleaning my room and painting and finding jamz and junk. bleh
also bleh because i was gonna have a great post this time but i had to do a secret mission for a while and it proved to be sort of successful but not completely because i still don't feel satisfied with the results.

well anyway i just dont have a thing to say except


WHOA THERE WERE 4 WHOLE SEASONS OF LIFE WITH DEREK. omg idek what i havent seen but i probs havent seen like the whole 4th season. wowwie. HOOK. ME. UP.

GUESS WHAT GOB. ok we already have a game for this month obvs, but we are also going to do an optional inception 30 day thing!!! goosbag!!!!
you are not obligated to do it but it is HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended that you do okay.

Day 1 - Your favorite character
Day 2 - Your favorite quote
Day 3 - Your favorite scene
Day 4 - Your favorite score
Day 5 - Your totem
Day 6 - A song that makes you think of Inception
Day 7 - Who would you be and why? (Forger, Architect, Point Man, Extractor, Chemist)
Day 8 - Your reaction to the ending
Day 9 - Do you think it fell over?
Day 10 - If you could guarantee one Academy Award for Inception, what would it be (besides best movie)?
Day 11 - In your group of friends who would be the Extractor?
Day 12 - The Point Man?
Day 13 - The Chemist?
Day 14 - The Forger?
Day 15 - The Architect?
Day 16 - The Tourist?
Day 17 - The Mark?
Day 18 - Take a picture/draw/sing/whatever something Inception related.
Day 19 - Would you mind if the concept of idea thievery and inception was a part of our reality? Why or why not?
Day 20 - A pairing you ship
Day 21 - What was the best dream you ever had?
Day 22 - What was the worst dream you ever had?
Day 23 - A letter to your favorite character
Day 24 - How many times have you or are you going to see Inception?
Day 25 - Who would you incept?
Day 26 - What idea would you incept?
Day 27 - If you made a candy bar based off Inception, what would it be?
Day 28 - What about a veggie/hamburger?
Day 29 - Yes/No/Maybe So? Whatever day!
Day 30 - A letter to Christopher Nolan

Day 1 - Your favorite character

THAS RIGHT. arthur is where it's AT.
he's so cool. he's just this awesome little guy who prances around and..points at stuff. haha idek

Day 2 - Your favorite quote
"musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling" said by eauiouiuomes
haha that's not his name but i just know it's an e followed by a boat load of vowels and junk. and ok that's the legit only quotes i remember but even if i remembered every line from it that would prob still be my fave. idek.

Day 3 - Your favorite scene

well idk. i liked this walking all over the walls scene a lot and pretty much the whole hotel scene like before they went into the next level.
oh i also liked the scene when the girl and arthur were in that one dream at the beginning and she was like making all these awesome things occur like when part of the road folded up and junk.
and i liked the scene when they first went into the frist level of the actual dream...mostly because the rainy weather looked soooo niiiice

ok now the real game:
"what are you saying about?"

goblin quiz:
1. was my mission successful?
2. what are the 3 things i've been doing that have prevented me from relaxing?
3. what time was it when i started the legit part of this post?
4. what do i want to be hooked up with?
5. is the inception challenge required?

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