Sunday, November 4, 2012

a very cat musical

hey gs.

last night i watched captain america: the first avenger and it was really good!  now i understand all the references in the avengers to him being unfrozen after a really long amount of time!  the only marvel movies leading up to the avengers i haven't watched now are iron man 2 and the incredible hulk.

wow, how did i not even know that a very potter senior musical was performed in august?!?!?!?!  that is weird to me that even though the people at the harry potter convention saw it there is like barely any information about it on the internet.  apparently evanna lynch, the actor of luna lovegood played luna!  i really wish they would put it up on youtube eventually! D:

hey do you gs know if we are doing the murder mystery again this year at tg?

only 2 more weeks!

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