Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the price of cats

Hey gs!

Nice election, eh?

Yeah Gob I know you meant two weeks until you get off but I don't want to hear another word about that so shut your stupid mouth okay.

But well now it's two weeks until I get off so goos I guess.

Wow I got super excited today idk like I wasn't really thinking about it before and now icqcme!!!

Okay coming up soon will be my list for the jamz exchange maybe in this post but maybe not we will have to see.

Yeah Hob well if you don't know what I am talking about you have three choices for yourself.
1. You can assume I'm talking to Gob (which in this case I was) or just rambling on about something I care about (for future!Para)
2. You can educate yourself (aided by our friend google)
3. You can ask clarifying questions (in this case you may have wanted to ask "who is Norman Osborn???")

This is Norman Osborn.

Except in this case I replaced what he was actually talking about with Gob's wise words of wisdom.

nOOOOOO our taboo team!!!! Tears roll down my face.

Well we could still make it work g!!! Hey we should not forget to bring that game to tg by the way.

I have about twenty jamz now but that is not really anything because I need to have a ton seeing as I have like a three hour bus ride and then like idk how long it takes get to wherever we are even going and then the same on the way back.

That's why I'm probably going to make two playlists but idk if I should make one for the bus and one for the car ride or one for the way there and one for the way back???

Yeah same 8tracks is like the bane of my existence.

Okay so a crazy thing happened to me today where okay well I didn't have the essay printed out that we are reading for my english class because I lost a nickel and therefore didn't have enough money to print it out so then I didn't read it and didn't have it in class so I didn't really know what we were talking about so I was just kind of zoning out and drawing a pic of Spider-Man in my notebook and then someone says "Peter Parker" and I like pretty much jumped out of my chair and yeah I guess the author of the essay used the ol "great responsibility" or something but that just was so unexpected idk.

Oh I just remembered there is a new Supernatural ep tonight well I'm not going to watch it.

Wow today I watched this preview thing for the next episode or episodes or whatever and it just made me feel 308523 percent done with this show.

Welp I'm gonna go eat dinner.

Welp I'm back.

Welp here are the things I want jamz about.

bad luck
secret identity


working together

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