Monday, November 5, 2012

cat park

hey gs.

yeah that sucks that you gs have classes on wednesday so you won't be at tg until thursday :(  seth and i don't have classes the whole week of tg so i don't know if we are going to go ahead up to the house on wednesday or not.  i think also we are actually having the big meal and celebrating tg on friday instead of thursday because there won't be enough time to prepare everything for dinner after arriving on thursday.

oh and para i meant 2 weeks until i get off for my fall/thanksgiving break.

i am still so excited for tg even if we won't all be there on wednsesday though and nathan, kassandra, debra, and tony won't be there again.  

oh yeah and yesterday we ordered some kosher marshmallows for us and we hopefully have more and better tasting marshmallows this year!!!!

wow you two gs should really just make your lists so we can get started on the jamz exchange!!!

can these 2 weeks please just be over already??? 

i hope they won't go by super slowly D:

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