Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ghost cats

heye gs.

today was such a stressful day! D:  i had 3 classes to go to and then a clarinet lesson and a piano lesson.  and i couldn't fall asleep until late last night so i was like super tired the whole day.  oh well, at least tomorrow should be a pretty easy and simple day!

i have this stupid group project though which we were supposed to be working on since october and we just barely started working on it this week...and friday we are supposed to meet in class and give our teacher anything we've done on the project so far which will be practically nothing.  also, it's due in 3 weeks (including fall break week) which really sucks.  everyone in my group is so stupid!  like they always make me do all the talking and the leading.  and they never speak up about anything and i can just say anything and they'll agree with it and be like "yeah sure, whatever".idk if they even care about the project.  blehhh i hate group projects.

on a happier note, yay!  i was right about obama winning the election!  also there was this really bad superintendent of indiana, and he was like responsible for taking away all our half days and he was planning to cut music, art, and p.e. from the school and the he did not get reelected!!!  a much better and reasonable person did!

well there are only like 10 minutes left until midnight so that is all for this post.

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