Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cats in the sky

heyy gs.

tomorrow is going to be so nice because i only have 1 real class and no symphonic band rehearsal like usual. plus tomorrow my professor isn't going to be in the class but a "surprise" is scheduled so i imagine it will be fun!  also my professor said we don't need to bring our textbooks or workbooks or anything too. that will be so nice to just go to one class at 9 am and then have nothing else to do the whole day!!!!

okay i am getting really good at this game i made up!  it is called "keeping your roommate from watching annoying tv shows, from talking annoyingly on skype, and from talking to himself"  how i am winning the game is by getting in the room before he does and keeping my music on the whole time (or turn it on right when he comes in).  or if he is winning i wait patiently until there is a gap when he is not doing one of those 3 annoying things and i immediately turn on my music at full volume!  so far i have been pretty successful!

wow 9 minutes of the star trek into darkness are going to be shown in imax theaters right before the hobbit!!!  that must mean a trailer is going to come out pretty soon for the movie too probably!  i can't believe that the movie is actually happening now in the near future instead of just getting postponed again and again!

well i have to go schedule my classes right now because it is almost midnight.

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