Thursday, November 8, 2012

macaroni and babies

heyyyy gs

wow gob that is amazing that you predicted the outcome of the election!!!!!! how did you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok well para i dont really care to know what you're talking about actually. i was just saying. also does gobv even know what you're talking about. also wow that guy is not how i pictured him to look. i pictured like a good lookin' fellow in a suit. well close enough.

ok when we give people jamz are we supposed to say what things they're for or just put them in a list or what. welli guess i would assume you should say what they're for or else it would be lsort of like a fanmix that doesnt include any lyrics and you are like "wtf am i supposed to be getting out of this" also i might make a list of some general jamz for everyone too because maybe some of us want jamz that aren't necessarily related ot things................................... and also i might have some good ol jamz that i cant relate to any of these things who knows. but i'll have to do this when i get home. ok well here's my lists i guess

fullmetal alchemst:
-childhood friends

mawaru penguindrum:
-trying to save someone
-forgetting someone

game of thrones:

bleh i have so much to do before tgiving


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