Wednesday, November 14, 2012

secret cats

Hey gs.

Wow Gob I used to play that game with my roommate except sometimes I would cheat at the game by playing loud music right over her annoying tv shows until she turned it off.  And then I ultimately won the game forever by getting the whole room to myself while she moved into a cramped room across the hall.

Good stuff.

Wait they've only showed like three frames of the movie so far and now they're going to show a 9 minute clip? That seems weird...

Wow I watched the best most adorable episode of Earth's Mightiest Heroes last night!! I want to die from how great it was!!!

Okay Gob but you can't just ignore that a whole movie happened even though all of us would like to. And even if it didn't, I would still say that TASM is better than the first two. And when I think of Spider-Man I DO NOT think of anything from those movies so I'm not seeing your point here about the iconic moments. To my knowledge, Peter never kisses anyone upside-down in the comics.  But you know the scene when Gwen's like "you're Spider-Man" and Peter tells her to shut up and kisses her? Welp.
Except Gwen never finds out that he's Spider-Man. But oh well.

And okay. Buddy. Of course it's going to be a bit of  retelling. Because it IS a retelling. It's the same story!!!!! Boy is an outcast. Boy gets bitten by spider. Boy becomes a jerk. Boy's uncle dies. Boy learns that with great power comes great responsibility. I mean it's based on the same comic book of course it's going to be similar! But I think one reason TASM is great is that it doesn't have the same feel to it and there are different characters and different interpretations of characters.

Wow you fool the TASM soundtrack is beautiful and amazing and if you don't remember it you must be actively trying to block it from your brain.

Anyway I will actually compare the movies soon because there are lots of differences I could talk about and maybe you have an opinion on whether they are good or bad.

Also one little week until Thanksgiving!

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