Saturday, November 17, 2012

I really, really hate cats

Hey gs!

Goos it's Friday!

Wow today I learned that another one of classes is cancelled on Wednesday so now I will only have one little class in the morning. What is even the point???

Kittens are cute!

What is there to say wow

Okay well today I thinking about how Jameson is to Spider-Man as I am to actual spiders and that gave me a good chuckle.

Next time I see a spider I am going to yell at it for being a WALL-CRAWLING MENACE!!!

Actually most people are to Spider-Man as they are to spiders I guess. Well.

Hmmmm I wonder why Hobby is mia.

Do you ever look at our turtle and just like think about how it stares up at that one corner all the time?

And what is it even seeing up there?

What is it starting at?

Do you ever think...that a ghost lives in that corner?

A ghost that only turtles can see?

Maybe a turtle ghost?

Do you ever think that maybe we once had two turtles but then one died?

And the memories of that other turtle were erased from our brain?

But the one turtle still remembers his friend.

So he stares up at the corner.

All day.

And he smiles.

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