Thursday, November 8, 2012

killer cats

hey gs! 

okay i am working on finding jamz that relate to those subjects but here are some jamz in general that i've already found for myself.  you might also like them though so here they are!

oh for like a lot of these the whole album is really good too so you can check the albums out for other songs too.  i'll put an asterisk next to the ones where i've listened to the whole album and it was super good and then i'll put 2 asterisks for if i really like everything by the artist.  the others are just songs where i haven't gotten a chance to listen much to other stuff by the band.

A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth
Roads - Portishead
Breathe Me - Sia
One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket
Ten Thousand Hours - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
It's a Wonderful Life - Sparklehorse
The Path - Ghost Mice**
Fist - Deftones
It Is Not Meant To Be - Tame Impala*
Killer Cars - Radiohead**
The Package - A Perfect Circle
Sirena - Dirty Three*
Sleep - Godspeed You! Black Emperor**
Hunted By A Freak - Mogwai**
Radio Ballet - Eluvium**
Mozaik - Zomby**
Loud Pipes - Ratatat**

wow that is a really diverse and big selection of music!

i watched the new spider-man movie for the first time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really liked andrew garfield as a high-school peter instead of a college peter like in the first movies.  and martin sheen was really good as uncle ben. and the lizard was pretty awesome too.  haha and stan lee's cameo was again great, as always.  i liked how it showed more of spider-man going from being a reckless teenager to getting more responsibility and becoming a hero more than it showed the process in the first spider-man movie.

it was pretty good and i enjoyed it though honestly i still think the first 2 spider-man movies were way better.  it just didn't seem as memorable to me.  like maybe that's because it's following in the footsteps of the other spider-man movies but i just don't think it had as many iconic moments.  also a lot of the plot lines were just dropped halfway through and not really dealt with.  like they never really fully explained the significance of the whole story about peter's parents.  and i remember before the movie came out reading a rumor about the mutant lizard police battling and i expected that after seeing the toxin affect them but we didn't see them again until spider-man released the antidote.  and also the lizard was going after that one guy on the bridge and it never mentioned him again.  i'm pretty sure those were all things cut from the film but it still seems like they left the stuff in there to set those scenes up and it just felt unresolved.

i hope the second one will be really good though!

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