Sunday, November 4, 2012

the cats fight again

Hey gs.

Wowee this is our 800th post this year!

Wow Gob you fool. How could you not know that Cap was frozen...? That's not something that's exclusive to the movies, you know...

I have not seen the Incredible Hulk and I would say it's not really important to because
1. It's not even the same darn actor playing him
2. I never ever hear about it
3. Nobody cares that much about the Hulk
4. I'm pretty sure there's only like one reference to the movie in the Avengers and it's not an important one
5. You can pretty much guess what happens
6. I think I heard somewhere that the plot of the Avengers mostly negates the plot of the Incredible Hulk

How would I even know if we are doing a mystery thing? I guess that is something I would like to know too.

It's more like two and a half weeks so keep your dumb mouth shut.

I keep meaning to make that list of things for the jam exchange but I never do it!

Also I haven't taken that extra hour yet because I want to choose my own destiny and take it when I please. You too can do that if you have the right attitude!

Okay kiddies times up!

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