Tuesday, November 13, 2012

cat riches

hey gs.

sorry i didn't post sunday or monday.  sunday i had a really huge headache and i fell asleep while watching a movie.  and then monday was like the worst monday in the history of my life, so there was no way i was going to post.  neither of you posted those 2 today though, so i doubt either of you will be too mad.

okay we need all need to get on finding some good jamz!  today and yesterday was super busy for me but later this week i'm definitely going to get to work on that.

bleh my roommate sucks.  why does he skype every single day?  why does he constantly whine and shout profanity when he plays xbox?  why is he so annoying?

i hope the rest of the week goes pretty fast and easily.  i know one of my classes is canceled on thursday and one of my classes might get canceled on friday so that will be good. 

i have a bunch of work and studying to do tonight actually so i'm going to go ahead and do that now

cya later gs

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