Saturday, November 10, 2012

cat box

heyyy gs.

wow that was super scary. i was listening to my music and i suddenly heard a train but i couldn't tell it was a train because it was really faint and quiet under my music and it just sounded really ominous and scary.  it didn't fit in with my music and just sounded really creepy. D:

well yeah para i agree that spider-man 3 sucks how it retconned the plot about uncle ben's death.  and it just sucks in general.  i've only seen spider-man 3 like one time though, so i usually just forget it even exists.  and that's why i said i think only the first 2 spider-man movies are better.  and by iconic moments, i didn't mean like how close it is to the comic books it is.  i meant like really memorable moments that when you think of spider-man you think of those moments.   like i think the first time spider-man and mj kiss is more iconic and better then it's substitution, the way peter and gwen kiss.  and really aside from the new origin story with peter's parents and that the longer and more paced out transformation from a reckless to a heroic spider-man, it felt like it was sort of just rehashing a lot of stuff from the first spider-man movie. also maybe i just wasn't paying enough attention but i didn't really remember the main theme and much of the music where in the original spider-man movies it was much more present throughout the series.  i still really like tasm but i just still prefer the raimi movies.  i'm still really excited for tasm2 though!!!!

oops well i have more jamz but i don't feel like typing them all in right now and there are only like 5 minutes until midnight so i'm just going to leave this post as is.

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