Monday, November 5, 2012

baby loaf

heyyyy gs

para idek what youre saying to me in your posts. for example who in this whole world is norman osborn. actually idrc but js

wait today i was thinkng about when we played tabboo last tgviing and i thought we wouldnt be such a great team any more :(

wow tryin to find jamz is so hard and time consuming bleh

im being so un-picky wow

well i still need to make a list for jamz i want

beep boop

you know what i hate: 8tracks

wow i wish that would stop existing

i have 11 jamz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh every time i think about how we're not going to tgving until thursday, i want to puke

the worst thing is that on the wednesday ngiht before tgiving i normall would be chillaxing at a place but this time i'll be in my stupid 3 hr class that i hate with my dumb teacher who i want to punch in the face

how great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow i want to drop a bomb on our world just thinking about it

ok why wont noah shut up forever already

why wont this dumbo person stop complainging about the end of daylight savings time. idg whats there to complain about????

wow what is there to like about the world

i doont even like my jamz that much so far except maybe one


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