Saturday, November 10, 2012

the return of cat-man

Hey gs!

Wow I had a really fun day today.

Also I bought The Amazing Spider-Man so I'm going to watch it tonight!!!!! Also I bought lots of food so I will no longer starve.

Wow okay last night I read the best/most depressing fic I have ever read!!!!!! Wow wow wowie I feel like I will be scarred for life but also it's so great. Also it's unfinished and hasn't been updated in like five years but that's fine because I knew that going in.

So this has been a pretty good weekend so far!

Okay yeah just because we're doing this thing for the jam exchange doesn't mean you shouldn't post just some general jamz if you have some because really everyone can interpret jamz in their own way so you never know if someone will be able to relate it to a thing even and also if it's a really good jam it doesn't even matter sometimes.

Wow Gob I really disagree because the new movie is 34803986 times better than the trilogy to me. First of all I don't know what you mean by "iconic moments" because The Amazing Spider-Man has tons of great moments... And if you mean by like moments from the comic books then that is not really true because TASM is way closer to the comic books than the trilogy. Second of all the plot line of Peter's parents is going to be continued in the next movies which is awesome because then there will be continuity instead of retconning Uncle Ben's death in a later movie like they do in the trilogy. Third of all that is your fault for reading spoilers and focusing on them instead of just enjoying what actually happened in the movie.

Okay I just decided I am going to write more about why TASM is way better than the trilogy at a later date but I don't really have time right now and I need to gather all of my thoughts too.

Okay Hob well I said one of your options was to just ignore me. Also if Gob doesn't know what I'm talking about then I guess he can just ignore me too like he always does...

Haha Hob that is funny that you say that because Norman Osborn also looks like this:
Although I wouldn't really say he is good looking...

Yeah you should say what the jamz are for otherwise it is kind of worthless.

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