Monday, August 19, 2013

cat horde

heyy gs

i moved into my dorm today!  it's a suite so i have my own room but it's connected to 3 other rooms.  haha what's weird is i'm the only guy in the suite that's isn't black...they seem okay though.  like they were eager to meet me and they seemed friendly. it won't be too big of a deal if they start getting annoying because i do have my own room though.

aw g i need some stuff to hang my posters up.  i have a bunch of posters i want to put up but i forgot the things that i used last year to hang them up

omg wtf someone on my facebook just posted an article titled "man sticks fork into his penis" and there's like a really gross picture that showed up right on my facebook.  that is so weirdddd.  omg why am i still looking at this.

here are two great songs i've been listening to a ton lately

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