Wednesday, August 21, 2013

once upon a time, there was a goat...!

Hey gs!

Same Gob that is super racist to say why would you even

Idk I just thought Gob was supposed to post so I just started reading it thinking it was Gob's.  I think I only got to like the second paragraph before I realized though.

Yeah that's what I meant.

Well I probably have some more pics I haven't posted idk but I haven't drawn that much because I've been busy writing but I'll def get back to drawing more soon.

Wow one week until classes start for me!

Wow the new pics from TASM 2 are really interesting.  Idk what's up with the Sinister 6 thing but I hope that's just a reference or whatever I mean it'd be cool to see the Sinister 6 in a movie but I don't think they could realistically do it well especially since they've already had one villain who is not usually in the Sinister 6 (Lizard) plus there's probably going to be another one who I could never see being in the Sinister 6 (Green Goblin).  Even the Rhino is not usually in the Sinister 6 I mean basically all we have so far is Electro and that's not a good start.

Omg I just finished the first draft of my fic!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!

Well this is probably my last post from the house for now.

I feel like I should say more things but I can't think of anything else to say.

Well it's only 10:30 maybe I'll just leave this post for now any then by 12 I'll have thought of some more stuff.

Well it's now 11:30 and I've just spent the last hour trying to think of a title for my fic and I still can't think of one so I'm just gonna post this have a nice day!!!

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