Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dumb as sticks

heyyyy gs

boop beep

we hate noah

we love cookies

well para you big glug that doesnt explain why you were watching parenthood

yay thor!!!!! yeah there was too much yucky loki. and yeah thor's hair is so beautiful and him is  small. icqcme

aw g i guess i wont get to see pacific rim again. this is all noahs fault


wow i take back what i said about maybe not wanting to see the last les mis show because some things might be different. apparently my ship almost kissed in it so yeah. and like other things bleh kill me. ive been tryin to download the audio of it all day but the internet keeps stopping working in the middle of it so i havent been successful yet. i have like two other recordings of this cast but this one has a really good sound to it somehow. bleh i cant believe this tour went on for three years and theres not a single video recording wtf

what else do i have to say

think think think

oh well

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