Tuesday, August 20, 2013

i hecked up

heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow gob ur so racist. those ppl are probably goin "wow one of the people in the suite is green. he seems ok though"

why did you think my post was gob's post para? did you think it the whole time you were reading it?

doi para thats the joke

im writing a thing. its not a fic. idk

did you mean "i asked her if she liked writing"?

bleh yesterday i bit like the inside of my lip really hard like i pm heard a crunch noise when i bit it and it was bleeding and then a few hours later i bit it again and it still hurts i wanna die

i wish everyone was aslep

shut noahs yapper

para how come you never post pics anymore

have you not drawn any

icqcme fo you to start school again so you'll draw like 50 pics a week

im a little bit owning as noob sniper

thats what noah said

one sec paul

no ones responding to my yells about air strikes


ok i got some real ownage now

yeah i know but i was a sniper

why does the seal mask exist? why does it exist?


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