Thursday, August 15, 2013

the goat man regrets

Hey gs!

Happy my mom's birthday!!!

Okay I was watching Parenthood for Michael B. Jordan... He is a real cutie in that 10/10 would recommend except not the rest of the parts of that show because it's really boring and this one guy in it I hate so much and is super annoying.

Yeah bleh Loki.  Wow today I was thinking about how I probably wouldn't hate Loki as much if it weren't for everyone only caring about him and not about Thor.  Like ?????? Thor is the main character of the movie???????? Thor has such a good look to him?????? Why do we even need to talk about Loki??????

Jk I would probably still hate Loki because he stinks.

Okay apparently this one guy is going to voice Groot hmm I wonder if he's going to actually talk or just say I am Groot over and over again.  Do we know yet who is going to voice Rocket yet idk.

Okay so today I got the rest of my school supplies stuff and well basically all summer I've been collecting Spider-Man notebooks and folder and I guess my collection's complete now since I have one of each for all of my classes (plus I have two extra notebooks) but okay this just needed to be documented.

Look at that.  A thing of glory.

Omggg I just clicked on this ad that was for a Spider-Man doll (not because I wanted to buy it, just because I was curious) and this review for it is so cute!!!! "He is watched and cuddled and they can dance with him. In car pool this morning, my 4yr old showed another 4yr old in our car how to treat spiderman,"  That's just so cutie I'm dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoops I wish I hadn't just put those two things right in a row now it seems like my Spider-Man obsession is out of control!!!! THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL

Quick let's talk about something else

Welp 9 days until I go back to school.

Dangit I just remembered something I forgot to get at the store oh well.  Well it's poster strips remind me to get those I'm probably going to forget again.

That's all I can think of to say.

Oh wait here's a vid I made a long time ago it looks like it was hastily made probably because it was

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