Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my porcelain cat

heyy gs.

sorry about the last 2 posts...or really absence of posts

my schedule is so busy and like i keep getting so mentally and physically exhausted during the breaks in my schedule that i keep getting lazy and procrastinating.  hopefully i'll get into the groove of things soon there.

here is how filled up my schedule is.

haha so i was bored today  (or procrastinating from doing work really) and i was going through pictures from random articles on wikipedia and this is what i came up with from the first two pictures i found!
i was going to add more pictures to it but i kinda just like it simple how it is even though there are probably plenty of pictures like this and it didn't take me long to do

that could be a game.  to like mashup as many random pictures from random wikipedia articles to make an awesome picture!  it could be really minimal like the one i did or it could be like things from 20 or 30 different pictures.  what do you gs think of that?  or it could just be any sort of collage type thing i guess from other random sources.

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